Aerial services

As from January, 2017, DutchInspect BV offers licenced Aerial Services. By using a high-tech drone, the latest imaging software and autonomous flight, we offer Area imaging.


DutchInspect BV continues to implement new technologies in ‘’traditional’’ field of work like the use of drones for inspections, volumetric calculations and temperature monitoring.


DutchInspect BV was involved in a large number of projects worldwide. We can develop, equip and manage your project anywhere in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

DutchInspect BV

An inspection company with over 25 years of global experience in many disciplines; mostly related to raw materials; their handling, transport of quality and quantity.

The core business of DutchInspect BV at present are bulk-cargoes like solid fuels, biomass, all sorts of ores and minerals. Our expertise brings us to all continents and are mostly related to shipping these commodities across the world.

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