DutchInspect BV continues to implement new technologies in ‘’traditional’’ field of work like the use of drones for inspections, volumetric calculations (both indoors and outdoors) and temperature monitoring.

Currently, the use of a 360 degree camera is tested (both hand-held as well as in the air with the use of drones). This will allow a client to inspect his commodity with the use of a VR headset or scrolling in all directions (horizontally and vertically) with a smartphone, tablet, laptop- or desk-top computer. This innovative technique will even allow the owner to virtually walk around a stock-pile or through a warehouse without having to leave the office.

Please check out this section as here we shall provide with links to implemented innovations and their developments.

DutchInspect Bv also works on other, innovative projects. The primary project at present is the co-development of a Tyre Processing Facility. This newly designed, compact unit uses the pyrolysis technique. Unlike the current pyrolysis techniques available, this is a fully oxygen-free process with zero emissions into the atmosphere resulting in nothing but:

  • Synthetic Oil
  • Synthetic gas )of which 75 % is used to heat the process making the process energyself sufficient)
  • Char powder (raw material for activated carbon applications)
  • Steel

This project will start in Q1 – 2017 and progress can be followed on this web page.

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