Pyrolysis Project

DutchInspect BV has acquired the global rights on a new pyrolysis technique that can process a range of commodities. These commodities will be converted into oil, gas and solids. The innovative properties of this new technique:

  • No emissions in the atmosphere or the environment
  • Fully continuous: 330+ days nonstop running before maintenance.

The commodities which can be processed:

  • Plastics
  • Car and truck-tyres (shredded)
  • Household waste (shredded)
  • Sewage waste

In August, 2017. The first, fully continuous production unit for plastics will be commissioned in South Africa. This pilot plant has a capacity of 5 mt/day resulting in:

  • > 90% oil
  • > 9 % syngas
  • < 1 % solids

Key features of the Plastics Pyrolysis Technology:

  • The oil produced can be blended with diesel for use in commercial transport or other industrial applications as a renewable fuel source.
  • The oil produced can be utilized to generate electricity
  • A proportion of the Syngas produced within the process is used to power and heat the process itself.
  • The remaining balance of Syngas can also be used to generate electricity
  • The waste solids (mostly sand) can easily be disposed of without any environmental impact or hazard
  • The pyrolysis technology is modular and a single unit can process up to 50 mt/day of plastics
  • The raw plastic feedstock can be any type or mix of plastic except PVC.

Click here to see the 3D schematic image of the Plastic Pyrolysis Unit

Click here for the pdf with relevant information on the pyrolysis concept, the separate parts and the yield of the resulting products.

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