DutchInspect provides with training companies and surveyors in the following disciplines:

  • Correct sampling techniques based on the commodities to be sampled
  • The correct use of samplingtools
  • The correct method to reduce the volume of a sample
  • Commodity properties; too often, the surveyors taking a sample are unaware of the properties of the respective commodities. Lack of understanding the commodity and how it behaves during transport, stockpiling and transfer leads to an incorrect taken sample with consequences for the surveyors’ principal
  • Commodity recognition

All these services are provided for:

  • Coal and solid fuels
  • Biomass (woodchips / woodpellets)
  • Ores (Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore and many more)
  • Concentrates (Zinc and Lead concentrate, Fluorspar
  • Industrial minerals (barite / Bauxite / Fluorite / Wollastonite / Talc and many more
  • Minor Metal Ores (Tantalite / Columbite / Cassiterite / Wolframite / Ilmenite and many more)
  • Metals (Zinc / Mgnesium / Copper / Nickel / Antomony and many more)
  • Shredded scrap (steel / plastics / tyres and many more)

Other services provided:

  • Barge gauging training
  • Draught survey training
  • Control systems for quality / temperature / material properties such as durability / fines content and more
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