DutchInspect BV is an inspection company with over 25 years of global experience in many disciplines; mostly related to raw materials (in bulk or packed); their handling, transport and determination of quality and quantity.

The core business of DutchInspect BV at present are bulk-cargoes like solid fuels, biomass, all sorts of ores and minerals. Our expertise brings us to all continents and are mostly related to shipping these commodities across the world.

A new field of expertise is the use of drones in performing inspections and volume determinations. Together with members of the Technical University of Delft, new drones are being developed to perform volumetric measurements indoors. Please visit the section Aerial Services for this fast-growing technique.

A new project DutchInspect BV has entered into is the processing of used tyres and convert them to renewable fuels and renewable raw materials without any residues and with 0 emissions into the environment. Regular updates on this project can be found here.

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