Over the past 20 years, DutchInspect BV was involved in a large number of projects worldwide. Project development and management is a core business of DutchInspect BV. With our partners, we can develop, equip and manage your project anywhere in the world in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our expertise can save your company and business significantly as we have a global network of experts and contacts to avoid the pitfalls many companies find themselves in when venturing into a new countries or areas.

When a company or business enters into a venture in a – for them – new country or territory, one of the most made mistakes is to enter into the project with a ‘’western mind’’. This then leads to overspending on equipment and personnel as in many countries, especially on the African continent, the rules of the game are very different from what one is used to in Europe or Northern America…and one has to know the rules of the game in order to be able to play it. DutchInspect BV has worked with many companies over the years. Some of the completed projects are listed below

Latvia / Iron inclusions in coal shipments

In 2009, iron inclusions in Russian coal exported through the port of Riga / Latvia was causing major damages on conveyor belt systems in the UK (> GBP 250.000).

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Albania / Chrome Ore sampling and analysis project

For and on behalf of LBY ltd, DutchInspect BV supervised the sampling and sample processing of Lumpy Chrome Ore in the port of Durres / Albania.

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Sierra Leone / Iron Ore reclaiming project – LBY Ltd.

In 2009, parallel to the Iron Ore Fines reclaiming project in Liberia, DutchInspect BV worked in Sierra Leone on a similar project.

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France – Heavy Break bulk

In 2010, DutchInspect BV was assigned to supervise a heavy-lift break bulk project in the port of Le Havre / France.

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Italy / Special Break Bulk project

In 2009 DutchInspect Bv was assigned to arrange and supervise the loading special break bulk (amongst which heavy pieces) in Gioia Tauro in Southern Italy.

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Nigeria / Cassiterite/Tantalite deposit assessment + mobile sampling and analysis centre

In 2010 – 2011, DutchInspect BV worked in Nigeria in various states (Kogi, Plateau State / Bauchi and Zamfara) to find and assess Tantalite, Cassiterite and Columbite deposits.

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Liberia / Barite mining, processing and shipping

From 2011 until 2014, DutchInspect BV was working in Liberia for Steinbock International for their Liberian Barite Project.

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Liberia / Woodchips storage and shipping

In 2009 – 2012, DutchInspect BV was managing logistics and acting as cargo superintendent in Buchanan / Liberia for Buchanan Renewable Energy (BRE).

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Liberia / Reclaiming Iron Ore Fines from an abandoned Iron Ore storage area

In 2007 – 2009, DutchInspect BV worked in Buchanan / Liberia with their principals to reclaim Iron Ore Fines from an abandoned stockyard area that was destroyed during the civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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