DutchInspect BV is and has been involved in powering businesses in (often) remote areas and arrange logistics for fuel supply. The ‘’traditional’’ method to generate power for a project where there is no connection to the local power grid are diesel powered generators. This is a simple but expensive method for generating power. Especially for projects with a high power consumption or projects which are intended to run for a longer period of time, alternatives are available: HFO generators, steam generators, wind- and solar power.

We have experienced – especially when working on the African continent - that many companies underestimate the impact of the factor ‘’costs for power’’ when engaging into a project into a more remote area…or even have no realistic budget for power supply and generation. Too often, the traditional diesel powered generator is the basis for calculations. If the power demand increases, another diesel generator is added where it is more costs effective on longer term to replace he smaller generators with a single, larger one and use the smaller ones as back-up. Too many projects have suffered from power failure and thus down-time as a result from underestimating the importance of good and reliable power supply.

When the power demand exceeds 1-2 MW, it is often (a lot) cheaper (based on calculations on cost per kWh) to start replacing a battery of diesel generators with a large, HFO powered generator.

DutchInspect BV offers expertise and experience to look at your projects’ power demand and offer tailor-made solutions.

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